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        Update Time:2021-8-25 16:20:12

        Product Details

        Advantage :

        ●  Polyurethane screen panel has advantages of light weight  and good self-cleaning effect, and the service  life is long.

        ●  Compared with a plane screen panel, the screening area and the open rate of wave-shaped screen panel are greatly improved.

        ●  The arrangement of the wave-shaped screen panel surface more optimizes the running trajectory of the materials on the screen surface, makes the materials roll forward on the screen surface, and promotes the layering of the materials by using the difference of the climbing capacity of the granular materials w ith different particle sizes; large granules quickly cross over a crest to continue running, and small particles and moisture retain in a trough to complete penetrating screening. 

        ● The wave-shaped screen panel surface is beneficial to transverse displacement in a material running process, is beneficial to uniform arrangement of the materials on the overall screen panel surface, and is beneficial to improving the screening effect of the materials.

        ●  Practice proves that the screening machine adopting the structure can improve the penetrating screening rate by 8 to 15%, greatly reduces the workload of secondary crushing, and reduces power loss and reactive power loss of equipment.


        ●  Expansion bolt type installation, high firmness, convenient installation, easy disassembly and replacement.

        Technology Core:

        ● Exclusive wave-shape design.

        ● Design patent



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