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        Product Name:FY-PU MODULAR SCEEN PANEL

        Update Time:2021-8-25 16:14:44

        Product Details

        ● Polyurethane modular screen meshes and panels are widely used in the classification of vibrating screen in mining, metallurgy, coal, coke, coal washing, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries.


        ●  Super wear resistance, light weight and high separation efficiency.

        ●  Non-plugging, anti-friction, anti-impact, anti-tearing, long using life, low noise, easy installation.

        ● Small maintenance workload, low cost and improving the high production efficiency. It is a new generation replacement of the steel platepunching screen mesh, steel wire woven screen mesh, stainless steel screen mesh and rubber screen mesh.

        Aperture Type:


        Aperture Type:

        The installation types include clip rail type, rail seat type and tension type, easy to install, disassemble and replace.

        Technology Core:

        ● The screen panels are blanked out and reinforced over the support bar areas to prevent from wearing and ensure the installation.

        ●  The impact areas are blanked out and made thicker.

        ●  There are the reinforcement strips on the screen panels to ensure the correct tension and keep the shape u-nder the load.

        ●  The edges of screen panels have been machined and reinforced, which can make a perfect seal between screenp-anels.

        ●  Bolt down holes are designed in appropriate places to ensure the accurate center location.

        ●  The slots of the screen panels are tapered in design, no blinding and high efficiency.

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