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        Product Name:FY Series Fine Sand Recovery Machine

        Update Time:2021-8-25 16:40:29

        Product Details

        Working Principle

        FY Series Fine Sand Recovery Machine is used for wastewater fine sand recovery in sand and gravel aggregate, dry discharge of mine tailings and other process.,the cleaned finished sand can enter the dewatering screen for dehydration. The mixture of mud,sand and water is transported to the cyclone through the slurry pump. The fine sand concentrated by centrifugal classification is supplied to the dewatering screen through underflow. After dehydration by the dewatering screen, the fine sand is effectively separated from water and mixed with coarse sand. When there is little sewage in the transfer pump pool, the butterfly valve at the drain part can be adjusted, and then return to the transfer pump pool through the drain for secondary recovery. The material concentration entering the dehydration screen is 60% - 75%. Finally, the sewage with recovered fine sand is discharged through the drain. The fineness can be adjusted by changing the pump speed, changing the mortar concentration, adjusting the overflow water and replacing the mortar nozzle, so as to complete the three functions of cleaning, dehydration and grading. The whole machine has reasonable equipment structure, small floor area and high fine sand recovery rate. It can recover more than 200 mesh of fine sand in the incoming material, and the comprehensive recovery rate can reach more than 90%.


        Advantage & Feature

        ·Modular structure design is adopted to meet the requirements of different working conditions, including treatment capacity, feeding material concentration, etc.

        ·The design of integrated transfer pump sump makes the layout of the whole system more reasonable and compact.

        ·The control system adopts Siemens PLC programmable controller combined with frequency converter to realize the remote control and rotation of the equipment.

        ·The feeding pressure of the flow device can be controlled, and the operation state of the equipment can be monitored in real time.

        ·The pump sump is sprayed with special wear-resistant materials, which solves the problems of easy corrosion or corrosion of the equipment and ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment. It also can be used alone or combined with FY series wheel sand washing machine to form an integrated fine sand recovery machine.


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