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        Product Name:FY-ZKB series Linear Vibrating Screen

        Update Time:2021-8-25 15:51:14

        Product Details

        The side plates and guard plates are cut by CNC plasma; the connectors are connected by high-strength riveting bolts without welding seam.

        The surface of screen beams are sprayed with wear-resistant polyurea material, and annealing heat treatment was carried out to eliminate welding stress, in this way, the using life is improved.

        Polyurea are sprayed on the surface of screen under beams’ surface.The screen main body is supported by low noise rubber damping springs.

        One deck and two decks are available.

        Stainless steel screen panels, polyurethane screen panels and stainless steel&polyurethane compound screen panels are available according to actual application.

        Users can choose the appropriate installation angle according to the operation requirements, and the installation angle can be adjusted within the range of +- 5 degrees.

        The advantages of polyurethane screen panels are high opening rate, long using life, convenient installation, high efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction.

        FY-ZKB Series Linear Vibrating Screen Main Application

        FY-ZKB Linear Vibrating Screen is driven by vibrating motors and it's structure is simple and power consumption is low. It is suitable for screening, grading and dewatering of various minerals. Fy-zkb series linear vibrating screen integrates advanced screening technology and manufacturing process. It is designed according to maintenance free, high reliability and high vibration intensity. It is suitable for all kinds of severe working conditions. It is widely used in metal and non-metal fields such as metallurgy, mining, coal, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry and so on.

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